Why weichengya
21 year enterprise
21 years of deep cultivation and maturity of the industry! Up! Help you improve your professional level faster.
Care about your growth
Here are challenging and influential work contents, complete vocational training and promotion system, leading you to create more possibilities.
Welcome special you
The atmosphere of freedom and tolerance allows you to develop freely. Your voice will be carefully listened to. You will meet not only colleagues, but also partners who grow up side by side.
Welfare care
Your efforts will be treated in good faith. The perfect salary, incentive system and personalized employee benefits are only for your hard work.
Explore your future
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National service telephone:400-688-0115

Headquarters telephone:010-68889866



Address: Building 19, yard 2, Beixing Road East section, Xihongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing

Factory address: Beijing Tianjin Hebei equipment manufacturing transfer park, Huanghua Development Zone, Hebei Province